Monday, July 10, 2017


But because of His Great LOVE for us, 
God who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ, 
even while we were dead in transgressions- 
Eph. 2:4,5

Out for a six mile run in the civil war battlefield one sunny morning, 
I was almost home 
when I saw a car with a license plate that read 
 It reminded me of a movie I had recently seen 
where the main character was grieving the death of his six year old daughter.
 Some time after her passing, he began writing letters. 
Letters to Love, Time, and Death. 
These were described as 'three abstractions' that are always with us;
 part of who we are. 

It is quite natural for us to think 
life begins with love, 
ends with death, 
and time is everything in between. 


Love is our friend, 
death is our enemy, 
and time....
 we just don't know....
what to do with time. 

The message on the license plate is a good one. 
Makes me stop and think:
 Live LOVED.
Before our life began, 
before love,
 we have this life line, 
this cord, 
that feeds us, and comforts, and sustains. 
And when time is up, nature takes its course. 
Space is crowded, walls are thin, painful contractions 
deliver into the hands that cut the cord. 
Death begins. 

Think about this for a minute.
 From the moment we are born, we are dead in our transgressions. 
Separated from life. Separated from God. 
And we spend our life striving to become more alive. 
Reaching for that cord. 
The cord that supplies the life blood. The scarlet cord of hope. 
Rahab dropped it from a window- 
giving hope to all who are separated- 
the scarlet cord that gave lifeblood to generations after her 
until the cord reached Jesus Christ, 
descendant of a prostitute, 
the Son of God, 
who bled his own lifeblood to be our life line. 
We reach for the cord-
 the bloodline of Jesus-
 and we find the way to life. 
New life. New love. 
And life begins.

We are delivered into arms that hold. 
And then there is breath. Oxygen filling lungs. 
Love filling hearts. Love begins. 
Days go quickly, trying to slow time down.
 Live for today.
 Enjoy the moment. 
There was a song I heard a few years ago. A beautiful song.
 Gentle sounds of the piano keys soothed my heart 
and I had to stop. 
To sit still and let the notes
 comfort my aching, closed up, broken heart 
that could barely beat anymore. 
As I listened, 
I became vulnerable, 
not expecting the words that came next. 
Their beautiful sound penetrated deep, 
ripping my very being into pieces as they said to me-
 'tell your heart to beat again'. 
Reminding me-
'you don't live there anymore'. 
But I didn't want to let go. 
Time had stopped.
I could feel myself breathing, but didn't feel alive. 
I knew then, it's not death 
that takes our breath away, it's life. 
To tell our heart to beat 
when life threatens to take our time- 
or is it time that threatens to take our life?-
I knew I needed the strength
of the arms that hold me,
the arms of LOVE.

We spend our life learning to love.
 Looking for love. Looking for God. 
God is love.
This is how God showed His LOVE among us: 
He sent His one and only Son into the world
that we might live through him. 
1 Jn. 4:9
And in the end, 
time begins.
If we have found love, we have found God. 
We leave this world 
for eternity, 
with no beginning and no end. 

So, when we stop to think
about how to LIVLUVD
could it be  
time is first, 
then life begins- 
with death, 
and we remain dead,
separated from LOVE 
until we become alive in Christ,
 alive in LOVE, 
and when we find LOVE, 
we are alive 
for eternity.

For as high as the heavens are above the earth, 
so Great is His LOVE 
for those who fear Him....
As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; 
the wind blows over it and it is gone, 
and its place remembers it no more. 
from everlasting to everlasting 
the Lord's LOVE is with those who fear Him.  
Ps. 103:11-17

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