Friday, January 3, 2014


there is disconnect
and loneliness.
that is not expressed
with words.
are our closest friend.
that haunt us
also comfort us.
Pull back
while hanging on
A child's game
of Tug of War
but so much more.
Hang on tight
while letting go.
A time for healing
....but for who?
Peel fingers
off the past
while gripping tight
to here and now.
A glimpse
across the room
and our eyes meet.
I am you.
You are me.
I feel.
I love.
I lost.
As you have too.
Our worlds collide
in that lonely place.
I am with you
and you with me.
You have been
here before.
Each time
you stand tall
with Grace.
I learn from you.
For a second
I see into
your eyes.
Your heart.
But only
for a moment.
To look longer
is too painful.
To never see
is to never understand.
To hold your gaze
brings me
into your world
and you
into mine.
To let go
of your gaze
is to let go
of the moment
let go
of the life.
Still bound
but finally free.
Released from the chains
bound by love.
Love Always.